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Founded in 2018 by Ari Herstand, author of the best-selling book How To Make It in the New Music Business, ATA looks to change the music business education status quo – offering immediately applicable tools and strategies with direct pathways to success.


Managers, agents, A&R, promoters, talent buyers, musicians and other successful players in the industry pop in for interviews, guest lectures, Q&As and listening sessions to share their wisdom and assist students with their growth and career.

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Join over 5,000 students jumpstarting their music career.

Enrollment for Ari’s Take Academy is closed currently.  However, we do accept a limited number of students for single courses by application.

More from our Students

ATA transformed my confidence as an artist.
Barrett Crake
Barrett Crake
Since signing up for the online classes, we have honed our live stage show, signed to a sync agency, experienced 6000% growth to our Spotify followers, 250% growth to our Instagram followers, and recently became Twitch affiliates and are excited to build our live-streaming community. Without a doubt, Ari’s Take Academy saved us years of trial and error navigating the music business side of things, freeing us to focus more on the creative and passionate side of artistry. We could not be more grateful.
October Ember
October Ember
Ari’s Take Academy has honestly changed my life. I’ve joined almost all of the courses. The courses are top notch. The community is incredible. I’ve started a record label. I’ve signed new artists. It’s incredible having the resource that is ATA and all the people in there to help wade through all these murky music business waters. It’s a goldmine.
Dana Nielsen
Dana Nielsen
Grammy nominated producer, songwriter, mixing engineer
I wake up one morning, opened my bank account and there is $10k in there (from royalties I didn’t know about)! If you want to become a full-time musician, working musician, or wherever you are in your career, you can definitely benefit from taking some advice from Ari and listening to what he has to say.
Andy Mason
Andy Mason
The ATA Team is extremely hands-on throughout the process. I would highly recommend this program as well as all of the other programs. It's a really quality organization and it's an absolute resource for an upcoming musician like myself, or at any level that you might want to gain some additional knowledge.
Ross Newhouse
Ross Newhouse
The Streaming Growth course has been huge for my original song “Fly Away”! It’s gaining new fans on Instagram & YouTube as well as Spotify. And never in a million years did I expect to get SIX offers from top booking agencies. Words will never express how thankful I am for all your guidance.
Since joining ATA’s ‘Streaming Growth’ course, I have increased my fanbase 4-5 times over, and have been making real connections with people from all around the world who are genuinely interested in my music.
Kolby Knickerbocker
Kolby Knickerbocker
I've taken 3 ATA courses and they're definitely the most empowering thing I've done for my music career. I have meetings with University Booking Agents next week that I got directly through taking the Cracking Colleges course. I recommend it to every musician I know to go take these courses. They're so powerful.
Cas Park
ATA is a great tool for working musicians. If I had known how much value I was going to get out of this when I signed up, I would have had zero reservations or doubts about the cost. The relationships that have been able to develop via the introductions made through this community are going to be vital in moving my career forward.
Kev Ohm
I landed my first official sync placement on Netflix’s Hype House, and I largely have ATA’s Advanced Sync Strategies course to thank in getting me this far. Enrolling in this course was a real investment in myself.
Tim Stout
Tim Stout
The Advanced Sync Strategies course has given me so much valuable info. The hands on, practical approach is so unique and crucial. The cost is absolutely worth it, and I felt like I got so much more out of it than the dollar value I paid, even though I was nervous at the beginning. Additionally, the community is really helpful for discussing personal situations and questions, and Vo goes above and beyond to help every single person on a one to one basis.
Sophia Korz
Jazz is NOT dead. I was considering throwing in the towel, but thanks to the Special Events course from ATA, my Jazz band has found a pathway to sustained success! The Special Events course has been worth every penny and, at the time of this writing, has paid for itself four times over - in less than a year! The instructor, Carey Rayburn, doesn't limit himself to content creation for the course; instead, he continues to guide anyone willing to do the work. The mentorship alone is priceless.
Jake Spinella
Ari’s Take Academy is worth every penny. One of the best music courses I've taken...that's after a bachelors and masters in music, plus many more dollars on other music courses!
Meerenai Shim
Vo from the Advanced Sync Strategies course is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Having access to his mind and support has been huge for me in finding a sync agent, which I was able to do. The world of sync has always been confusing to me, but knowing that I have a team of other musicians and Vo to help guide me in the process gives me the confidence and knowledge I need to have a successful sync career.
Lillian Frances
I always felt like if I could just get in front of people that they would connect with my artistry. Ari and Lucidious’ course confirmed this for me. This is about putting what you are already doing in front of people who wouldn’t have found it otherwise, and when you find the audience that resonates, you will see results. Period.
Beck Pete

The ATA Community

Looking for your tribe of musicians?  Look no further.

Ari’s Take Academy is more than just courses.  When you enroll in any course, you become part of a supportive community made up of musicians and music professionals from around the world.  Students regularly get feedback and contribute to each other.  Some students even end up collaborating with each other.

Outside of the community, that is accessible 24 hours a day, we offer live Q&As with our instructors and with industry professionals, to help guide you on your career in the new music business.

In select courses, ATA Students have the ability to showcase their music in front of industry professionals. This includes sync agencies, college booking agencies, and special events agencies.  

Ari's Take Academy Community


Ari’s Take Academy is completely online. Our instructors, moderators and students are all over the world! The core ATA team is based in Los Angeles, CA.

We open enrollment twice a year for about a month at a time.

Each course starts as soon as you enroll and finishes when (if) you want. As long as you work in music, these strategies will be effective. We continually update the lessons and trainings to make sure that it stays relevant, up-to-date and valuable. And you can continue to ask questions, network and collaborate in the private members only ATA Community Group. Each course is completely self paced. The lessons are pre-recorded.

All. Yes, all. Just ask our Indian Classical musician who just sold out his show in Mumbai. Or our Shakuhachi flute player based in San Francisco. Or our Celtic singer/songwriter in Duluth.

From the moment you enroll, you will have access for at least 12 months and oftentimes longer. However, most of our courses we run for years. You will have access for as long as we keep it available.

Join over 5,000 students jumpstarting their music career.

Enrollment for Ari’s Take Academy is closed currently.  However, we do accept a limited number of students by application.